8 spots to get the best new seafood in South Florida

8 spots to get the best new seafood in South Florida

Article from: Thrillist.com
Published on: December 10th, 2014
By Matt Meltzer

Sure, we live in the most international city in America and are known for great food from all over the world. But since we also live in a place surrounded by water, we should probably be known for great food from the ocean too, which is why we’re bringing you this list the eight best new seafood dishes in SoFla…”


What you’re getting: Spicy Thai prawn ramen

Your late-night ramen craving just got cured in Broward, where this spot in Downtown Hollywood is slinging authentic Japanese noodles until the wee hours (or during somewhat reasonable hours if you like your sleep). Plus there’s fresh sushi, sashimi, fried avocado, and their specialty Gangnam wings, which you’re undoubtedly going to use to make your next viral YouTube hit.

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